Chapter 8: Succubus

Not sure about the name. Although

This is chapter eight Succubus of the story I am writing.  If you liked Despair, you should definitely give this one a shot. If you haven’t read Despair go read it!.  Advisory warning I’m giving this chapter a PG13.  Any comments or concerns after you’re done reading; email me at

Within the next couple of weeks, Eli and I spent a lot of our evenings together. He would finish his nights at his shop and come to my place afterwards with variety of his oddities. He would experiment with different spells to try and get rid of the darkness within me. We would discuss various methods and techniques, such as killing a crow and drinking its blood, and stabbing myself with a scorpion’s stinger, but they all failed. He would also attempt to sort out more of my future, but he still wasn’t getting a clear picture. After trying numerous spells, he would retire to his home. It definitely wasn’t the same as having Danni around, but at the same time, it wasn’t all that bad. I liked being able to talk to someone about him. He stayed quiet throughout the weeks; I felt like he was mocking me, like he knew I couldn’t get rid of him. Although with Eli around, he didn’t consume me in his abyss. It’d been three weeks since Danni left, and she hadn’t tried contacting me once. It’d been a strenuous effort to not try and reach out to her. I spoke with Eli about it, and he said he’d hung out with Danni and A.J since. He said that she looked really happy. I tried to not let that bother me, but it did. I wanted her to be happy with only me. Eli and I ended up agreeing that it was for the best, that Danni deserved to be with someone who wasn’t a grim reaper. I had times when all I wanted to do was to call her or find her and be with her, but Eli talked me out of it and he even deleted her number off of my phone. It’d been difficult with all this shit piling up in my head, but I was coping.

I was looking at myself in the mirror. I had shaved my beard a couple of days ago, leaving only my moustache, but now stubble had appeared on my pale white skin. I was a lot more slender since the night I killed the female grim reaper. Since then, I hadn’t killed anyone, which had been difficult. However, it seemed obvious that my appearance changed with how many people I killed. My blue eyes seemed to be colder than before; I tried not to look in the mirror too often because of them. Every time I did, my appearance shocked me; this morning my hair had been shaggy and I didn’t even recognize myself. Finally I was getting back out into the world, Eli had convinced me to go out clubbing tonight. We shopped online for new outfits last week and this afternoon he gave me a haircut. He tried to convince me to go to a gay club; however, I chose to go to Euphoric, somewhere I was comfortable with.  It’d been two months since I’d been to Euphoric. The night I killed Malcolm seemed so long ago, and this night was so different. That night I was on a mission, but tonight I was going to have fun, although I had supervision. Eli was coming to make sure I didn’t black out the way I used to, we wanted to make sure that I didn’t let the darkness take control, but I did need a night out of my apartment.

I arrived at Euphoric at around eleven and Eli was nowhere to be found. I walked over to the bar and asked the bartender for a rum and coke. This bartender was not as good-looking as Malcolm; however, this one was human. While sipping my drink, I checked my phone and realized I still had no messages from Eli. It was strange; Eli wasn’t one to not show up. I was starting to feel concerned. I sent him a text asking if he was alright, and started sipping at the drink once again. I looked at the dance floor and saw how devastatingly crowded it was. I was reminded of how much I hated clubs, but decided to take the plunge to try and take my mind off of the missing Eli and him creeping his darkness back into the crevices of my consciousness. I turned around back to the bar and requested another rum and coke, and a shot of tequila. I quickly finished them both and made my way onto the dance floor. I started dancing for a bit; I didn’t enjoy the music very much and it was far too loud for my taste, but I swayed to it like everyone else. I checked my phone again to see that Eli still hadn’t messaged me. Perhaps two weeks ago before Eli and I spent every night working on the evil within me, before he had comforted me in my darkest times, I wouldn’t care. Now things were different, I needed to check up on him, go to his shop and see what had happened.

I started to make my way off the dance floor when I felt a tap on my shoulder. “Were you going to leave before saying hello?” asked a melodic voice from behind me.  I turned around and was impacted by the magnitude of alluring turquoise eyes. It was the girl from before, the one who had gotten me to reveal my true name. She was smiling and wearing a white pencil dress that made her eyes all the more intense and made her hair appear crimson.

“Hey!” I said, childlike, goofy even. I was caught off guard by her presence.

“Hey is all you’re going to say after just running out on me a month ago.”  It was as if she was singing, each word a song on its own.

“I apologize, something came up.” My voice stiffened and deepened, trying to gain confidence while speaking to her. She seemed to have noticed the octave change in my voice and smiled when she heard me speak. “Do you want to dance?”

“Weren’t you leaving?” I looked around me and realized I had seemed to be exiting the dance floor.

“No, not at all.” I took her hand and led her back onto the dance floor. It was like that night oh so long ago, the night I laid my eyes on her for the first time, when everything around us faded away and it was her and I. I felt the lust in my body erupt as we began kissing. This time, we let the whole night pass by and we didn’t stop for anything. After what felt like only moments, it was two A.M and the girl with turquoise eyes and I were in an Uber cab. In her presence, I felt intoxicated, like I was in a state of such euphoria that the torments of the past few weeks felt like a distant memory. I didn’t know where we were going, but I would have gone anywhere with this girl. She was simply astounding, the way she smiled, her laugh, and every time she spoke, I swore an angel got its wings. After thirty minutes of in the Uber cab, we got out of the vehicle. I looked around, but didn’t have a clue of where we were. We could have been anywhere in the eastern part of the city, but the truth was I didn’t care. The Uber dropped us off in front of a grotesque two-story house with two red bricks, a long walk-up, and a sort of Celtic theme to it. She held my hand and guided me up the long walk-up and towards the large ivory white door to the house. We opened the door and she grabbed the collar of my shirt and kissed me. We were pressed up against the door, embracing one another for long enough that my legs started to feel stiff. She must have felt the same as I, as she grabbed my collar once again. Her and I walked up to the second floor of the house and walked backwards into a room where my knees were buckled by a bed. We both fell onto the bed, but didn’t lose contact with one another. I removed my shirt and immediately she started scratching my back, I was so heated up by us caressing that I was barely aware that her nails were drawing blood when scratching my back.

Eli. She was kissing me on my neck when I suddenly remembered about Eli. Why had I stopped searching for my friend, had he messaged me and I didn’t even check my phone? I was so perplexed with myself, how could I leave my friend behind? How could I be so swept up by this girl that I would completely stop caring about the friend that had been there for me constantly within the last two weeks? She stopped kissing my neck and something else started happening, she started biting my neck. It was a little hard, but I couldn’t care less. I could slowly feel the darkness creep back slowly into my consciousness. I could feel him watching, as if something piqued his curiosity. I could feel my euphoria start to slowly seep away and I was left here wondering how I had let this go so far. What type of person would leave everything behind for a girl he didn’t know? I wanted to cry, I started to get frustrated with myself, how could I fall into the arms of this succubus? My mind was being enveloped by the darkness, by him. I felt him more than I had in the last two weeks, but still he remained silent, just watching as I laid here on the bed being kissed by this girl.

I didn’t realize it, but her little nibbling on my neck turned into something more ferocious. I felt insufferable pain; of course, I had felt worse in my life as a reaper, but far more than any one bullet. I could feel the bones in my neck being broken apart. I could feel as her jaws snapped easily and she ripped the skin off of my body. Her nails were puncturing my back and I could feel my skin and muscles being clawed away. This girl, whatever she was, was trying to kill me, or even devour me, but I endured. I deserved it. I deserved this pain. I deserved to be devoured. I deserved to die.

I felt him consume me. I was barely myself, lying under her body. Her skin was different than before, it was harder, colder, it wasn’t human anymore. It felt like scales. Suddenly she was off me, nearing the door, and instantly I was behind her, arm around her neck as if I was about to put her in a headlock.

“What the hell, why aren’t you dead?” she screeched, the serenity of her voice gone. She tried swiping behind her to claw at me, but she didn’t have much luck.  I pushed her onto the bed, and she turned towards me. Her turquoise eyes were glowing and piercing, her teeth were sharp and appeared shark-like, her skin was now pale blue scales, and her hair matched the same colour as my blood on her face.  “What are you?” She said it with a sort of shakiness to her voice. She looked tense, as if she was stricken by horror.

“A reaper,” I said, still standing by the door, now blocking the exit.

“What are you?”

“A siren.” Sirens? I didn’t understand. Did she mean like a mermaid?

“Wait, I don’t understand, do you mean like a mermaid?” Slowly, the piercing glow of her blue eyes started to calm, pale blue scales returned to pale white skin, and her teeth returned to normal.

“Is that why my voice didn’t control you that first night? You’re a grim reaper. I thought you guys were myths.” She was still sitting on the bed, but she seemed less tense, less afraid of what I was. “So grim reapers can’t die?” Her voice returned to its melodic sound, like a chorus of angels.  Don’t answer her. His voice shocked me. It felt like so long since I last heard it. He was right, her voice was mesmerizing me again.

“Your voice, that power of yours, you can’t use it when you’re in that other form.” She looked a little perplexed, like she hadn’t been expecting that answer from me.

“You didn’t answer me,” she said, layering on the Mesmer, although it didn’t matter.

“Can you die?” Momentarily, I had my hand around her neck, squeezing so that all the air was being compressed out of her. It wasn’t long before she was looking like a fish again, She grabbed my arm with both hands and stabbed down with her nails. As she did it, a black substance seemed to move from her nails into my veins. Under my skin I could see the black entity run the veins in my arm and go further up my body. I let go of her neck and my movements were sluggish. “What’d you do?”

“Siren toxins.” She flashed a monstrous smile, showing her shark-like teeth.
“So what else can you do? A sort of Mesmer that works sort of like vampires, shark teeth, claws, and a sort of toxin that makes your opponents slower?”

“Actually the toxin is supposed to paralyze you, but I guess it doesn’t work all that well against a grim reaper. Also, my song only works on men.” Interesting, a type of Mesmer that only works on men, it was so subtle that he didn’t even realize I was being controlled. “What can you do?”

Don’t tell her anything “I kill people,” I told her. “So you kill for nourishment or for fun?”

“I need to kill to survive,” she said, her teeth returning to their human state.

“Interesting, I would like to watch you kill one night.” She looked puzzled at my response. I looked around at the room and noticed how the room was decorated with an elegance that you would expect only in the presence of royalty.  “Do you live here?”

“No, I’m housesitting for a friend.” I wasn’t sure if she was lying or not, but that word, friend… I remembered again that my friend had been missing. I immediately checked my phone and saw that he had still not replied and it was near five A.M. I needed to find Eli.

“I’m sorry, but I have to go,” I said, grabbing my shirt, “I’m serious though, another night, let me witness what you can do to someone who isn’t a reaper.” I smirked and she returned a smile back at me. “What’s your name?” I asked as I opened the window, ready to leap out.



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