Chapter 6: Control

This is chapter six Control of the story I am writing.  If you liked Massacre, you should definitely give this one a shot. If you haven’t read Massacre go read it!. Advisory warning this chapter is almost as gruesome as the last so it’s Rated R. Any comments or concerns after you’re done reading; email me at

Her eyes, they were my eyes. It felt like I was staring into darkness. Her eyes were all consuming, they made you feel cold, frigid even. Was that how people felt while looking into my eyes? I remembered the girl from the bar had goose bumps and had rubbed her arms. The last thing that Malcolm’s victim said was “I’m so cold”. It wasn’t because she was dying, it was because I had caused her to feel that way. So many flashes of people shivering while near me; it was never the atmosphere, or the weather, but my presence.

I listened to him and immediately I started running. I fled as quickly as I possibly could and passed the gate in a matter of seconds. I don’t know why he told me to run, I couldn’t die, but whatever his reason was, I listened because he sounded terrified. I was sprinting faster than any creature supernatural or not could have ever dreamed of going. Houses, trees, and cars blurred past my vision as I ran. I’d never gone at these speeds before, but fear made people run faster… faster than they would ever believe possible. Although it didn’t matter. I watched as a black blur passed me and stopped directly in front of me. It was her. The blur seemed to form into her body quickly and darkness dissolved around her. Was that how I looked when I ran? Malcolm and the thugs I’d fought never seemed to be able to keep track of me, was all they saw darkness?  I stopped running before she got the chance to handlebar me. Her eyes were so intense while staring at me, I felt myself grow smaller under her gaze. I turned around and began running the other way, but felt my body slam against the ground, my face crushed against the pavement. Suddenly I was thrown across the street, my back crashing against a car. Her foot was against my chest, pushing in. It felt like she was going to push my body through the car. I heard my ribcage break in many different places. I grabbed at her leg to try and take it off my chest, but I was unsuccessful. I unhinged my jaw and attempted to chomp at her leg, but she swiftly kicked at my face and stomped her foot against my chest again. I was in an inconceivable amount of pain. I hadn’t been so afraid of another person or in so much pain other than when I took the lamb’s blood bullet to the chest.

“You shouldn’t have done what you did, it was my gang!” she shrieked, and went to stomp at my chest again. I dodged to the side and with my unhinged jaw, I chomped down on her leg. I stood up with her leg still in my mouth and slammed her towards the now destroyed car. I kicked at her face and heard bones crush between my foot and the car. I knew it wouldn’t stop her though, she was a grim reaper and she couldn’t die. This fight was pointless. I bolted away from the car, running away from the girl, but in moments, the black blur flew past me again. Whatever damage I had caused her had already healed, while the many broken ribs in my body were still re-assembling.

“You’re going to have to kill me if you want me gone!” she yelled and ran towards me.  Before I could make a decision of whether I should run away or fight, I felt her hands around my neck.  She was crushing my airway; I could barely breathe. She stood at about five foot five or five foot six; I was nearly five inches taller than her, but she was holding me up a couple of feet off the ground. I kicked at her face with all my might and she let go of me, causing me to nearly fall to the ground. I tried a roundhouse kick and hit her in the head hard. I listened as her neck snapped from the impact. She grasped her head and snapped it back into place. Then she smiled with a teeth full of her own blood and blurred towards me and gave me an uppercut to the jaw. I went flying through the air and landed hard on my back. I felt my spine fracture in several places and where her fist had hit my jaw, it had shattered. Even with all of the strength I was feeling from killing all of those thugs, she was still stronger than I was. She was in a completely different league than I was. I started to get up, but she grabbed me by my hair with one hand while the other hand she used to stab through my back. Her hand hit slightly above my heart, and my blood oozed out from the wound and covered my chest.  She took out her hand and stabbed me again several times through different places in my back. It felt like she purposely avoided my heart, but I didn’t understand why. I started feeling progressively weaker as she pommeled my back. I grabbed above and behind my head and reached for her head. I managed to get her head in my grasp and with whatever strength I had left, I threw her over my head.  I needed to escape, so I turned around and started sprinting again. Again, it didn’t matter. I heard her as she landed behind me; I had thrown her with immense strength, almost used all of the strength that was within me, but it sounded like she landed lightly on her feet.  This time I didn’t think she was following me, I didn’t even hear any footsteps. Was I safe this time? Had she realized this fight was futile? I turned my head around and saw that she was holding something. Whatever it was, it appeared dark like an abyss, and was maybe a few feet in length. She was holding it slightly above her shoulder like one would a…javelin. Immediately she threw it, and the javelin bolted through the air and punctured me in the back of the knee. I rolled across the ground and screamed in agony. The pain was worse than anything I had ever felt before, greater in comparison to that of the bullet drenched in lamb’s blood. The javelin seemed to vanish into thin air, but the pain remained. Before I had the opportunity to look down at my severely damaged knee, she was directly in front of me. I tried to stand, but she pierced her hand through my chest and gripped tightly around my heart.

“Why’d you attack Venom, are you working for the Orphans?” She was watching me so intently that it made me nervous. She had an inquisitive look, like she was trying to understand why I would do this, or maybe she was wondering about something else. I could barely breathe with her hand on my heart; she was squeezing it, making it impossible for the heart to beat.

“What’s the point of this? You know we can’t die.” I manage to say the whole sentence even though each word was more tiring than the last. She slowly began pulling at my heart and I could feel veins and arteries disconnect within my body. This was the first time I had ever had my heart ripped out, I didn’t realize the pain and suffering I caused the people I killed. This experience was like nothing I’d felt before.

“You’re young, aren’t you? Maybe 175 years old…no, younger.” She put nose to my neck and sniffed. “Oh my goodness, you’ve only recently been turned.” The inquisitive look disappeared and was replaced with a child-like wonder, with a smile that rivaled the Chesire cat. She tugged a little harder on my heart; the feeling was odd, I felt like my spirit was leaving my body, like I had no fight left in me. “You’ve been misinformed young reaper. I’ve been around for centuries and witnessed the death of many reapers. Many at my hands. Grim reapers die when their hearts leave their bodies, and all the consumed souls travel from one reaper to the other. Revenge for what you did to Venom.” She gripped even harder and slowly started ripping my heart away from my body. I could feel myself dying and I couldn’t process the sensation. Instead I thought about how Eli and I could have accomplished a lot working together, I would have liked to see what he was capable of. I thought about AJ, how he had looked familiar and I wondered if he would keep Danni safe; he seemed like someone who could keep her protected from the world. I thought about how Danni would be without me in her life, would she miss me? Would she even notice? A life without me would be better and safer for her. At least some good would come from this girl killing me. I thought about how the only time I felt this close to dying was in my dreams. The man with red eyes in my dreams, he ripped out my heart. Was I predicting my death? Did I know this was how my life would end? Did my dreams foretell my death? In my dreams I died…I guess I would die in real life too.

Don’t give up.

His deep and menacing voice woke me from my reverie.

Give me control

Give him control? No, I couldn’t give him control.

You’re dying Seph, give me control. You have no other choice.

I could tell he was serious and he was right, I didn’t have much of a choice.

“I give you control,” I whispered to myself, quietly enough that my soon-to-be-murderer couldn’t hear.

In that moment, I felt such a loss of power that I felt like I would die before she yanked out my heart. I commenced feeling something solid in the palm of my hand. My hand gripped whatever it was and I felt my arm jerk up in an odd motion. The reaper’s eyes widened and the smile on her face quickly disappeared and she let go of my heart. It was an odd sensation to not have any control over my body. I felt like a passenger in a vehicle who had no control of where he was going and was just along for the ride. Except instead of a motorized automobile, it was my body, something that I evidently grew accustomed to being in full control of always. I didn’t know what I did to her, but she was obviously unimpressed with whatever form of attack he decided to use. Suddenly, I felt my knee rise and my leg stretch out, giving the female reaper a kick in the stomach to separate her from me. I was at least ten meters away from her and saw blood gushing from her abdomen, but nothing was there. I…he ran towards her and another loss of energy seemed to have escaped from my body. I couldn’t comprehend where the energy was coming from. The energy that he was mustering up started to focus in the palm of my hand; he gripped it tightly and made a movement as if he was throwing a spear at the female reaper. I didn’t get the opportunity to see what he had thrown until it plunged itself through the chest of the other reaper. It was maybe eight or nine feet long and spear-like, and completely pitch black. The black spear was so long that it not only pierced her chest but made contact with the ground behind the female reaper; it appeared as though she had been impaled through her chest. She cried out in a horrifying scream and immediately tried to remove the spear from her body. Like the dark javelin that went through my knee, my dark spear dissipated into thin air, leaving a gaping wound that perfused a bucket full of blood from her chest. Similar to my wound, her body didn’t instantly recover from the attack, it was as if these attacks that she and I could do were devastating to one another, and more dangerous than lamb’s blood. Immediately my body was beside her. My mouth unhinged itself and he stuck both of my hands into the female reaper’s wound and widened the hole even further, breaking apart the ribs that surrounded her heart and exposing only her lungs and heart. With my now unhinged jaw, he bit down at her heart. My face became caked with her cold blood. The taste of another reaper wasn’t all that appealing; although it wasn’t revolting like the taste of a vampire, it was simply …bland. He bit down on the heart, the chewiness of the muscle was the same as any other as reapers were still mortal. I wasn’t sure if she was screaming or not as blood plugged my eardrums, but she was beating down on my back and neck, trying to separate herself from my body. It was too late. He ripped out her heart with my teeth and her body went limp. He then swallowed the heart and watched as her eyes started to fade. The icy blue slowly turned into a lifeless gray, the brown of her skin seemed to become translucent. Momentarily, her body seemed to become like dust and blew over me. I immediately felt as the dust made contact with my skin. The pain from where she used the dark javelin seized, and any bruises that were left behind had healed. The energy that I lost when using those powers had seemed to recover fully and I felt completely renewed and replenished.

I felt great, like after killing a very sinful gangster, maybe even better than usual. However, I still had no control over my body. I tried to say something, to demand my body back, but nothing came out. I thought aloud hoping to make contact with him, but still had no luck. He jumped to the roof of the house nearest to us. With the ruckus that the female reaper and I had been making, police vehicles were now on their way. He sniffed the air and smelled something sweet, so instead of waiting for the police vehicles, he ran towards the smell. It led to a small cat alley nearby where the battle had occurred, and in it were two girls were walking arm-in-arm chatting with one another. They were giggling with one another, talking about something, clearly unaware of the fight that had taken place only maybe twelve blocks away. He landed at the end of the alleyway, the direction the girls were walking towards. I was under a street lamp that somehow broke after a surge of energy left my body.  The girls stopped their walking and turned around and began walking the other way. Another surge of energy left my body, and the other two lamps burst above their heads, causing the catwalk to darken immediately. They quickened their pace, but immediately, I was at the other end of the catwalk, and when the girls noticed me, they stopped.

No don’t do this.

I pleaded with him. I didn’t want to kill these girls, they looked sweet and I didn’t hunger for death, this would be gluttonous.  ‘Give me back control.’ I couldn’t form any words, I had no control over my mouth. I wasn’t even sure he could hear me. The girls started walking the other way again, but this time, he blurred to right in front of the girls. He grabbed them both by their necks and held them up so both their feet were off the ground. The girls were kicking and screaming, and he threw them both to the ground in front of him. We watched as the girls slowly tried gathering themselves. One of them, a taller brunette, started scrambling to her feet and running away from us, while the other stayed there at my feet and started screaming. I felt as energy left my body and a spear formed in my hand. He threw it at the girl running away and it got her through her stomach. He then caught the girl as she fell to the ground. He turned the girl over and put her down to the ground and watched as her life left her body. The shorter blonde haired girl stayed there and watched as her friend was dying before her eyes; she looked too shocked to start crying.  He stomped down on the dying girl’s chest and lowered my head and watched her eyes while she was dying.

Please let me have control, I need control.

Our gaze upon the almost dead girl was interrupted by the sound of a gunshot. The bullet punctured my back near my left lung. I turned around to see an officer aiming at me. He reached for his handheld radio, but I ran at the officer and crushed his radio in my hand. I felt as my mouth made a fierce smile and punched the officer in the chest, knocking him to the ground. He reached for his gun, but my foot was already on top of the firearm. I kicked it to the side and watched as the officer struggled to stand up. I stabbed through the officer’s chest with my hands and literally ripped the officer apart. More cops were on their way and I…he ran towards them and immediately started dispatching the police officers. I cried and pleaded, but still he didn’t answer, he still didn’t relinquish control.  The street was covered in the blood from all of the cops. Their bodies were torn to shreds and pieces of them were scattered around the surrounding environment.  The streets were quiet except for the sound of whimpering nearby. He walked towards the cat alley where the girl was crying over her now dead friend.

No you can’t kill her. Please don’t do it.

He blurred to beside the girl and looked down at her. Blood dripped from the girl onto her head. She turned towards me and I saw that her face was covered in tears and her eyes were red and swollen from her crying.

“Please don’t kill me.” Her voice was weak and strained. He picked the girl up by her hair and she covered her face and started bawling. “Please, please don’t do it.” We heard the sound of sirens coming towards me, and I…he smiled. He pinned her to the side of the alley and scratched the girls face, then licked the blood that dripped from her. He grabbed at her neck and squeezed and…nothing else. He watched as she was dying in his hand. We felt the death essence begin to leave her body.

No, no more. “LET HER LIVE!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, and the girl dropped to the floor. I looked at my hands and realized I was in full control of my body.

I ran like a mad man back to my apartment, scaled the walls like I had done many times before and went into the shower. I kept scrubbing my body to get the blood off, but it remained on my skin. No matter how hard I scrubbed, the blood remained.



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