Chapter 5: Massacre

This is chapter five Massacre of the story I am writing.  If you liked Blood part two, you should definitely give this one a shot. If you haven’t read Blood part two go read it!. Advisory warning this chapter is by far the most gruesome chapter yet  so Rated R.  I apologize the chapter is a day late I’m using a loaner laptop and it doesn’t have Word. Consider next week as my holiday therefore a new chapter will not be released Monday the fourth.Any comments or concerns after you’re done reading; email me at

I was alone and on my way home. I had gotten enough information from Eli, even though he seemed like he truly wanted to help. I was happy that I went to see Eli, he gave me answers that I would have never dreamed of. I was a grim reaper and I can’t die. Just the thought of it was astonishing. I was glad that Eli was so willing to help. With his magic, he was able to track down the headquarters of Venom. He mentioned that reapers gained more strength by killing humans who were …corrupt. It made sense to me, it was why I was feeling stronger after dismantling all of those thugs compared to when I had killed those women who I had slept with. He wanted me to kill the thugs, he knew it would fill my hunger, and he was happy I was going after those who deserved a gruesome death. Despite the fact that I wanted to immediately kill the thugs, I had something else I had to do, something that needed to be done.
“Tell me what you are.” I stopped walking and leaned back against the wall of a small alley and put my cellphone to my head to make it appear as though I was just using my phone.
I am your friend.
No, that didn’t answer anything. “What are you?”
I am here to protect you, Seph. His voice was deep and menacing, and I didn’t trust it.
“Do other reapers have you speaking in their heads?”
I belong only to you Seph, to keep you protected.
It was odd to be speaking aloud to the voice in my mind, but it was weird to be actually having a conversation with him. Since the change, he had just been there, encouraging me to kill, something that I for the most part ignored. Communicating with him made me feel stronger. “Why didn’t you want me to ask Eli about you?”
I don’t trust witches… He spat at the word witches.
“You know others?”
Perhaps. He stayed quiet and I didn’t bother pushing him. Not yet.
“Why do you want me to kill?”
Because you need it. You need to kill.
“Because I am a reaper? Did you know what I was?”
“Are you like some sort of spirit?” He didn’t answer. “Are you a spirit?” I said it louder this time.
I am your friend. He said nothing else. I was starting to get frustrated, why wouldn’t he tell me more? I needed to know more.
“Tell me now!”
There are some things you do not want to know. His voice was sinister and ominous. Almost immediately, I began shaking, I was terrified. I decided I was done asking questions for now, despite the fact that I was curious about him being able to move my body.
When I got to the apartment, it was nearing six o’clock. I wanted to be home before Danni woke up, but she was surely awake by now. When I walked into my home, I announced my presence, but no one answered. I walked around the apartment and noticed that she had left; all of her things were gone as well. I checked my phone and she hadn’t called me at all either. Had she left because she was angry with me? Was she ready to leave? It had been three weeks since her encounter with Malcolm, was that enough time? I wanted her back here, I wanted her to be safe with me….but maybe this would be better. I was a grim reaper. One day, perhaps I would turn on her. I had almost killed Eli twice without a second thought; one day, that could be her. I tried to repress that feeling, the feeling that I could possibly kill my own best friend, but this proved it. Devourer of hearts and harbinger of death…I shouldn’t get too close to her. She was too fragile. I’d miss my friend, but I need to start pushing her away.
The rest of the night was a lot quieter than usual. I made dinner, cleaned up a little; she had cleared her stuff away, but had left a little bit of mess. Then I got ready. Tonight would be the night that I eradicated Venom. Their presence in Toronto would diminish, the gang war would end, and things would go back to how it was before they arrived. I’d still have thugs to kill since The Orphans were still around….they’d keep me satisfied and I’d keep their numbers low. Once the night was over, Toronto would be in complete equilibrium.
I was awoken from my thoughts when I heard keys unlocking my front door. When the door opened, it revealed Danni, standing there in a white sundress. She looked at me and appeared to have been a little shocked.
“Oh, you’re home.” She grabbed her phone out of her purse and started pressing keys while simultaneously closing the door behind her. “I left some things in the bathroom, I’m just going to grab them and leave. Oh and I guess I can return your key now.” Her phone vibrated and she looked down at the message. Her face lit up and she smiled showing all of her teeth. I wondered who she was talking to, but I needed to start pushing her away and that meant not asking.
“So who are you talking to?” Damn, I wasn’t supposed to ask.
“Like you care?” She didn’t look up from her phone.
“Danielle, what are you talking about?” She was still standing at the door. I couldn’t see her face, but it felt like she was unsure. Unsure of what, though?
“You keep disappearing and you’re hiding things from me. Well you know what Erik, I’m tired of it.” This time when she talked, she raised her head from her phone and glared at me as if she was trying to pierce a hole through my heart.
“C’mon Danni, you never even asked me where I was today, if you had called me I wouldn’t have lied.”

“Honestly, I don’t know if I would trust you anymore. Erik, I can’t be around someone I don’t trust.”
“Danni, why don’t you believe me?”
“Did you know Malcolm disappeared? He conveniently disappeared the day after shit happened between us.” Damn, she had noticed.
“No, I didn’t know.”
“You’re lying Erik! I know that you’re lying to me!” Her voice was raised now, and her eyes teary. “I know you had something to do with it!” No, she couldn’t possibly know.
“That’s absurd!” I was yelling too now.
“You were missing that night, the night I needed you most, I woke up and you weren’t there! Did you go tell Malcolm to back off or something?” I didn’t know what to say, I couldn’t admit the truth, and she would know I was lying if I told her I went for another walk. The only thing I could think of telling her was…
“Yeah, I told him to get lost.” She curled her hands into fists and remained silent. “I didn’t want him around, I threatened him and told him if he didn’t get lost, I would hurt him.” She appeared to be so angry that she started shaking.
“Did you kill him?” Her voice was so quiet and shaky, I was worried she would burst into tears any moment now. Why would she think that I had killed him, why would she jump to that conclusion?
“Of course not Danni.”
“Erik, he hasn’t used Facebook since that night.”
“Danni, I can’t believe you would accuse me of killing someone!”
“The nights that you’re gone…people die. I’ve been paying attention to the news and every night you go for your ‘walks’,” she used air quotes around the word, “people die. Today, when you were gone, seven members of The Orphans were killed, you’re trying to tell me that it’s all a coincidence?” Damn, I needed to get rid of Venom before more of those Orphans died.
“Danni, I was with Eli all day, we’re talking about a collaboration, and you can call him and ask.” It was only a half lie. She was surprised. She quickly started typing on her phone. Momentarily, she received a text back.

“Fine you’re not lying about today, but I … I just can’t stay here, I don’t trust you anymore. You might not have hurt anyone like you say, but I know you’re keeping something from me.” Suddenly, the front door opened up from behind Danni and a rather tall man stepped through the door. The man looked to be at least six foot five, with skin like dark chocolate. His eyes were a dark brown colour and he was rather muscular. He was wearing a basketball jersey with shorts, and if it weren’t for my willpower to come across as a maniac to Danni, I would have ripped his head off for entering my apartment without being invited in. Albeit, that could have just been my anger due to the situation I was dealing with.
“Hey man, you …”
“He’s with me,” Danni interjected.
“Are you all right?” the man said, ignoring me and turning towards Danni.
“Yeah I was just about to leave, let me go grab my stuff.” She walked away from the foyer where we had been talking and walked into the bathroom, leaving only me and the mystery man. We stood there in awkward silence, neither of us wanting to look at each other. After a few moments, however, I decided to break the tension.
“How do you know Danni?”
He stared at me, analysing me for a little while before answering me. “We used to date.” I felt nothing from him, no emotions of any sort.
“Oh, what happened?” I wasn’t usually so curious, but Danni brought something out in me.
“I had to leave and now I’m back.” His words sounded hostile, despite still not having any emotions behind the statement. A moment later, Danni came back with a bag of her things and whispered into the ear of her ex or current boyfriend. He gave me a curt smirk and exited my apartment with Danni’s bag in hand.
“Danni, you don’t have to leave. I love you. You’re my closest friend.” I was supposed to be pushing her away, it was what I had decided earlier, but I didn’t want to lose her.
“I can’t stay here with you, I know you love me and want to protect me and I love you too. I just don’t trust you. You don’t have to worry about me anymore, I’m getting better and AJ will be there for me if I need anything.”
“Don’t leave,” I pleaded.
“Maybe we’ll try to hang out sometime soon.” She smiled, a smile that didn’t hide the pain she was feeling. She then walked towards me and handed me my key. She kissed me on the cheek and left my apartment, silently closing the door.
Later that night, I took the bus to the east end of town to a specific area that could be as classified a ‘wealthier part of Toronto’. This is where the hideout of Venom was located. It had been dark for a few hours and I stood upon the top of a cross of a Catholic church for a few hours. The church was across the street from a house the size of a mansion. I stayed there, veiled by the dark, counting the number of cars going in and out of the house’s front gates. The dark didn’t interfere with my sight, but the distance from the doors of the mansion to where I was standing made it difficult to count exactly how many people were getting out of these vehicles. I would have to go into this fight without knowing how many people I was up against. Although, did it matter? Elijah proved I couldn’t die. Would this just be proving Danni right? Should I be killing these thugs, gangsters, murderers? That was right, they were murderers. I would be doing a service to the city, getting rid of Venom. After tonight, the gang would be eradicated and would no longer hold any base in Canada. The gang war would end, innocents would stop being caught in the crossfire, police would stop losing their lives trying to protect and serve the people of Toronto. Tonight, I would live up to the title of Grim Reaper. I would restore balance to Toronto. Danni didn’t understand, she couldn’t…I was doing good…good for the city and its residents. When this was done, it would only leave the Orphans in the city, and I could handle them slowly, take my time destroying the gang. That way, I could keep the crime rate down in Toronto, but still have thugs to satisfy my hunger. It’d be perfect, Danni would be so proud of me. I wondered how she was doing with A.J. His voice had been so stern, he didn’t fear me. I didn’t like that. In fact, there was something I recognized about him, but I couldn’t figure it out why.
My thoughts were disturbed by the presence of another car exiting through the gates. A lime green Camaro, that member of Venom would have to wait; it was half past midnight and I was ready to strike. I jumped down from the church and landed effortlessly. I ran and leaped over the gate and landed near the door of the mansion. I opened the door, which was left unlocked, most likely because the gate was locked, and entered into the mansion. The inside was like nothing I would expect from a gang hideout. It had marble white floors, all white walls with grotesque replicas of famous artwork, such as the Mona Lisa, The Scream, American Gothic, and the Birth of Venus. The main foyer was rather empty; however, it was lit up by a master chandelier, providing me with no darkness for cover. I walked through the foyer and looked into what appeared to be a game room with seven men inside. I walked through the room soundlessly and closed the door behind me. The men were all too involved in their games to notice my presence. I cracked my knuckles and smiled, then started my slaughter.
The room was permeated with the blood of the seven men. One man had an Xbox One controller where his kidney should be, another had his head through the television that was five feet above the ground and hooked onto the wall. This meant that whoever was on the other side of the wall was now alerted to my presence. Two of the men had their stomachs ripped open and were thrown to the side of the room, where they were currently lying upon one another dead. The man nearest to the door was the most fortunate, as he had only had his neck snapped. I opened the door to exit the game room, and outside stood six guys waiting in the foyer. Two of the men had guns, while the other four had different sorts of melee weapons. However, it didn’t matter what any of them had, I was filled to the brim with adrenaline and strength after murdering everyone in the game room. Unluckily for the two men with guns, their guns had silencers on them, so when they shot at me, it was quiet. These six would not be receiving back-up. The two men kept shooting at me, but were puzzled by my continuous movement. I ignored the pain of the bullets and attacked the man nearest to me. He had spiked knuckles as his weapons, but his movements were too slow and he didn’t have a chance of hitting me with them. Before he could swing, he was already missing an arm. Blood dripped onto my head as I held his arm above me. The man was about to start hollering in pain, but I immediately back-handed his skull, decapitating it from the rest of his body. The other five men stood there in silence, too horrified to let out a scream. I utilized their moment of shock to behead the other three men with physical weapons. The last two men with guns were still gazing at my eyes in horror. I couldn’t help but grin, their fear was the icing on the cake for me. One of the two men raised his arm to shoot at me, but before he had the opportunity to pull the trigger, he had a mouth full of muzzle. He gazed at me in terror when he realized that I had physically forced his arm towards his face and had the muzzle in his mouth. My finger was over his and I pulled, forcing him to shoot the bullet. Blood, brain matter, and pieces of skull were projected onto the white walls and some got onto the Mona Lisa. The remaining man was petrified, so I took my time and drove my hand through his chest cavity. Unlike what Eli had said, I didn’t crave his heart or any heart for that matter, but I yearned for his death. I held his heart in my hand for a moment and watched as he died in front of me. I consumed whatever essence that occurs when a life leaves a body and pulled out his heart. By instinct, my jaw unhinged and I was about to put the man’s heart in my mouth.
“What the hell is this?” said a voice coming from one of the rooms that was connected to the foyer. The man set his eyes on me and immediately turned the other way and was about to sprint for it. I took the heart that I was about to engorge and threw it at the man. The man fell from the impact of the heart slamming into his back. Immediately, he was at my feet; he tried to get up, but I stomped down on his skull, crushing it into the floor. I didn’t look down, but I could feel the bones under my shoes. I walked away from the man and found the floor to be slippery now, as my shoes and the bottom part of my legs were soaked in blood. I slipped and slid towards the back of the foyer and opened the door to the kitchen. The kitchen was large with at least three ovens with many stoves. The kitchen had a modern style and not only did it have numerous ovens, but it also had a pizza oven, with wine glasses racked above my head. There weren’t very many people in the kitchen: a few men wearing their signature green bandanas and a woman who appeared to be cooking something on the stove. Quickly, I was behind the girl cooking and put her in a sleeper hold while I put her down gently. The men started running towards me from the other end of the kitchen. I met them on their run and quickly… disarmed them. When I looked back towards the trail of bodies, I saw that limbs had been thrown all over the kitchen and the room was painted in blood. I’d already lost track of how many thugs I’d killed, but I could feel that there were so many more around me. I checked the backdoor and it led to a pool with at least twenty gangsters standing around the pool, most with red beer cups in their hands . None of them were even dressed for swimming, but all sported a green bandana. There were women and men and they appeared to be of all different ages. It didn’t matter though, they were all dead… this would be a massacre. In the blink of an eye, my hand punctured the chest of the man nearest me, and I threw him into the pool. The splash alerted everyone to my presence, and a woman near the other end of the pool screamed. People started pulling out their weapons and aiming them at me. Systematically, I killed every one of them. Bullets would occasionally graze me or even wound me, but it didn’t matter, it didn’t slow me down. I barely even noticed. In mere moments, each member of Venom had been torn to shreds. The pool appeared to have been filled with the purest of red wines, but I knew better. Bodies were floating face down in the pool. I made my way back into the house, stepping over those who had been left on the pool deck. The whole bottom floor remind me of a horror movie: blood painted the walls and dripped from the ceiling. I tried opening all of the doors leading to separate rooms and all were empty except one that led downstairs. I went down the stairs, and it led to a partly-renovated basement. The flooring was still concrete, the walls had the pink insulation, and the basement was mostly empty. There was, however, two men who appeared to be securing a room near the back. I slowly marched over to the two men. They both had shotguns and pointed them towards me. They started shooting at me as I moved closer and closer to them; the impact of each shot pushed me back, but I kept walking toward them. Both of the men stopped shooting when I had nearly reached them and stared into my eyes. As panic and fear made its way into their expressions, one of the men pointed the shotgun up towards his jaw and shot himself. Blood and brain covered the walls, ceiling, and the face of the other man. This other man was horrified as he looked at the body of his accomplice. Immediately, I snapped his neck and kicked down the door that the men were guarding. Inside were three tables: on two of them, there were stacks of cash, and on the third, there were all sorts of weaponry. Behind the furthest table, a man was sitting down on a lazy boy. He had a Beretta handgun pointed at me and he was smiling at me.
“Are you the boss around here?” I asked.
“Wouldn’t you like to know.” As soon as he finished his sentence, a bullet pierced my shoulder blade. It hurt more than any other wound I had felt all day, almost like Eli’s bullet that had been soaked in lamb’s blood. The man’s grinned widened; I had never wanted to devour a heart more than this man’s. He started shooting at me again, but I was already behind him. I held his head and squeezed until cranium squished against his brain and he died. I thrusted my hand through his back and yanked out his heart. My mouth unhinged and I swallowed his heart. It felt justifiable after his bullet had wounded me.
I began my exit of the house. I felt accomplished; I couldn’t feel the presence of anyone else, and I was sure I had destroyed Venom. The death of more than fifty thugs coursed through my veins, I felt bloated even. He was quiet, which probably meant he was content. I probably wouldn’t hunger for weeks. I walked out of the house and was embraced by the darkness. I knew I was covered in blood, but the night would conceal me. I was making my way off the premises of the house, when I saw the green Camaro drive back through the gates. It slowed down after seeing me and the driver got out of the vehicle. With so much darkness, I was shocked that the driver could see me. The driver was female, she was of South Asian with beautiful brown skin and long black hair, and wore a green bandana around her neck. She was wearing a tank top and jeans that hugged her legs. She was magnificently beautiful and had icy blue eyes that stood out amongst the darkness, even to me. Her eyes were stunning, radiant, and reminded me of … my own.


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