The Odds (Epilogue)

Merry Christmas to all my peeps. This is Odds it’s a story I’m going to write after I’ve finished my current story Seph.  It’s just the first couple pages of it, didn’t want to get to into it while working on Seph. (In chapter three Eli I mentioned that Seph is an author who wrote the novel The Odds.. yeah that’s what I’m going to write.)  It’s completely unedited, my editor hasn’t even read this yet.
Hope you enjoy.

I  always felt alone amongst the crowds. I hated it. My friends were all around me, but I felt so separated. Although that could be the weed and the beer. Music was booming loudly and the odour of puke started to make me feel nauseated. Although I knew what that meant…more beer! I got up from the seat and walked towards the kitchen where two girls were making out to get a group of four guys all riled up. I ignored the show and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. I counted this was my seventh for the night and I was feeling it. Oh well. I started chugging the beer while the fridge was still open, I had almost finished the bottle when I felt a pat on my back. The random pat made me spill some of my beer on my shirt, I looked to see who had caused me to spill when I saw my Aryan friend Dominik.

“Dude you should probably slow down.”

“Yeah I probably should” I said agreeing, looking down at my shirt. It was a new shirt and now it was practically ruined. I gave my friend a dirty look and walked past him. I walked back into the other room and sat down back in my seat in the circle. There was six us sitting in this circle, passing around a spliff. I drank my beer and chatted with the others while I waited for the spliff to get back to me. Unfortunately before the spliff got back to me Miranda walked into the room. She was drunk as ever and a drunk Miranda wasn’t a happy one.

“DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEO,” she announced when she got to the circle. “Why, why haven’t you returned my call?” She was holding a bottle of vodka in her hand with a pink straw near her mouth. I couldn’t bother deal with Miranda when she was like this.

“Bro control your girl.” Said one of my friends in the circle.

“Don’t worry about it,” I walked out of the circle and brought Miranda upstairs, the whole walk upstairs she was yelling at me about the time when we hooked up and I never called her back. Once upstairs I brought Miranda to a bed and placed her on the bed sideways and took the bottle from her. I decided to leave the party, I was getting tired of being alone in the thick of a crowd. I made my way out with the bottle of Vodka and started my journey back home. The group home wasn’t too far away from the party just past the woods, but the trek seemed a lot longer than it probably should have. After what felt like two hours (it could have been anywhere form thirty minutes to five hours) I finally made it past the woods. *Beep* I was at the lake, i went the wrong way at some point or another. That’s why it took me so long, *beep.* I stood there staring at the lake for a while until that nauseating feeling returned and i belched into the lake. If the fish could talk they would be pretty pissed off at me, but whatever. I looked out onto the lake and it might have just been the marijuana but it was beautiful. I watched as fireflies flew over the lake in zig-zags near the surface of the water. Watching them calmed me down and the nausea left after a few moments. Within ten minutes all of the fireflies dispersed and I was there all alone with my thoughts. I noticed quickly that it began to get colder, unusually cold for the last week of August. I turned around and took a step towards the woods when i heard a crunching sound. i looked down too see that the grass was frosted over. I turned back towards the lake to see that it had all frozen over. A snow storm was heading towards me, the storm even had lightning striking. I wanted to run but I was far too cold and exhausted to even move. I rubbed my hands together to try and warm myself but I knew it wouldn’t make a difference. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and already it must have been negative 20 degrees celcius. The drop of temperature was so drastic waves had frozen completely and soon that would be me. In almost no time at all the storm had reached me. Shards of glass scraped against my body, and I was for sure getting frost bite. I collasped to my knees and stared out towards the ice-lake. It was a dazzling sight to behold, especially considering it was the last thing I would ever see.

Before closing my eyes one last time I realized there was someone out on the lake. The storm impaired my vision making it impossible to see them fully. I wanted to shout out and tell the person to run but I had no energy left in me. My knees could no longer keep me up and i keeled over. Into someone’s arms? The snowstorm ended immediately and the air around me starting to warm up drastically. The arms holding me up felt frozen and lifeless, and sent a shiver throughout my whole body. He stood me up and started to brush the frost off me.

“I apologize for the inconvenience,” said the man. He appeared to have been thirty years old with white hair and blue eyes. His skin was pale and wasn’t all that tall, if I had to guess I would say he was five foot six or seven. I was starting to warm up and got that burning experience in my fingers and toes as they began to thaw. “I had to mask my location. Don’t want the NSA or the CIA to be interrupting us,” he smiled, showing his perfect ivory coloured teeth.

“You’re him!” I said finally able to speak, I moved away from the man out of fear. I knew who he was. They called him Jack Frost a noctorious supernatural human that’s caused devestating snowstorms killing millions in U.S, Canada, U.K and China. People believe he works for Russia as he has his own ice castle that’s constantly under surveillance north of Moscow. This man was one of the three supernatural humans that we call The Odds.

I turned away to run but the ground erupted in ice and I was surrounded. “Calm down, I’m not going to hurt you,” he said still grinning. I couldn’t move I was stuck here, the air around him was unnaturally cold and the look in his eyes freightened me.

“What do you want from me,” I asked teeth chattering so loud I swear you could hear it from miles away.

“I’ve been sent to get you,” His voice was smooth and calming, “My father believes you will be an amazing addition to your team.”

“Your team?”

“Yes me and other…Odds as you call them, have fabricated a group to protect those who can’t protect themselves.”

“Protect them from what?”

“From the darkness that’s to come.” He sounded serious but, could it be the truth he was speaking. I barely understood what he was talking about. This had to be from the weed, maybe it was laced with LCD or something.

“Jack Frost.” I announced with air quotations, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re completely mental!” I shouted and closed my eyes, when I opened them I knew this would be over, I just needed to concentrate on what was real compared to this hallucination. After a few moments of silence I opened my eyes and Jack Frost was sitting on what looked like a stump made of ice.

“Are you done?” He asked sarcastically. “We Odds we’re humans too and you’re one of us! My father saw it, saw you unleashed your powers and he said you were amazing.” I wanted to run away from this man but I was still surrounded by a prison made of ice. “I’m here to help you hone in on your powers so that you reach your full potential.”

“I don’t want any part of this!” I yelled at him I wanted him to get the hint and leave me alone. These Odds were bad news, Jack Frost the Ice douchebag, King Dracul of Transvalnya currently threatening war against Hungary and Austria. Last but not least the Sandman of Africa causing drought and devestating sandstorms wherever he goes. No government is able to lay a hand on the Sandman and Jack Frost as they’re powers cause trouble for those around them but king Dracul seems indestructible, all attack have proved redundant against the monster. This man wanted me to join his team of Odds? I couldn’t cause everything around me to freeze, a sandstorm the size of Texas or fight against hundreds all by myself. I wasn’t a freak like them! Jack was still staring at me, watching me while I thought, it was unnerving. “I’m not who you’re looking for, you’ve got the wrong guy I’m only seventeen, I’m flunking out of school and I smoke and drink you can’t possibly think I’m the guy.” He remained quiet and observed me as I started pacing in my little ice prison. “I can’t be like you guys, I can’t believe it. You guys are horrible people, especially Dracul.” I was slowly starting to hyperventilate, I was anxious. I needed to get away from this guy.

“I don’t work with Dracul,” He said breaking his silence, “he’s a scourge and should be killed. His powers ofcourse prevent it I can only freeze him temporarily but can’t get rid of him. You don’t think I’d work with that beast.”

“You’re not any different!” The air around started getting cooler “You’ve killed people too.”

“People who deserve it!” he yelled, getting up from his stump. Ice shaped like spears bursted from the frozen lake behind him. The ice spears broke and turned into what appeared to be dust. “Those people who died, they’re working on something to use against us Odds, I had to get rid of them. You’ll agree with me one day. ” He seemed so sure of himself, like he was proud that he killed those people. “Other people just got in the way, they were a necessary sacrifice.” I couldn’t believe the words he was saying.”

“I need you to let me go I want no part in this.” The ice around me turned into white dust, much finer than snowflakes. I started walking away from Jack when …

“Your mother didn’t walk away.” I froze, immediately. My mother? My brother and I had been raised in a group home. We were almost two years apart and when we were younger we had a foster family but they ditched us when we got older. Nevertheless I never knew about my mother, the foster family didn’t have any information to give my brother and I . Could it be possible this man knew my mother? i was about to ask, when I heard choppers over our heads. “We have to go,” he grabbed for my hand but I pulled away, “C’mon don’t you wanna know about your mother?”

“I can’t leave, I have my brother.” Boy, did I ever want to know what happened with my mother, and I was interested about meeting these other Odds. I couldn’t leave though I had to care for my brother, I would never leave him all alone. I also stlll didn’t trust Frost, there was too much I didn’t know too many things that just didn’t make sense.

“Fine if you don’t wanna come, you better run!” He was shouting so that his voice could be heard above the sound of the choppers. I bolted towards the forest, running as fast as a seventeen year old who had consumed too much alcohol and smoked too much weed could possibly run. I turned my head back and saw Jack Frost in the air, while many helicopters were flying above my head. When I turned my head to look in front of me I saw only the bark of a willow tree.

I blacked out.



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